It’s safe to bet that consumer recommendations will continue to be an incredibly important objective for any marketer. There is an abundance of research supporting the influence consumers have in the purchase decisions of other consumers. But what is it with consumer recommendations?

Social Media Link conducted a survey of more than 10,000 social media-connected consumers of our Smiley360 community to learn more about the world of consumer recommendations. Download our latest infographic with these key findings that can help your brand understand the motivations and drives behind a consumer’s recommendation and how to tailor your influencer and advocacy marketing to best leverage them.

This infographic helps answers questions like: 

  • Are certain online platforms more trusted than others for product reviews/recommendations?
  • How many reviews/recommendations does a consumer need to see before purchasing?
  • What product categories do people trust most for product reviews/recommendations?
  • What makes a review compelling to consumers?
  • What types of people drive purchase the most (friends, family, experts, bloggers, strangers)?